Our associate base is the lifeblood and the frontline of our business success. Therefore, we have taken measures recommended by the CDC and WHO to reduce the risk and slow down the spread of COVID-19 in order to keep our employees and communities as safe as possible. In addition, we are swiftly transitioning our associate base to work-at-home wherever possible.

We are keeping employees informed, including advising them of health and safety guidelines, and have enhanced our current time off policies to ensure our associates have flexibility when dealing with COVID-19-related situations.

Life at Conduent

Life At Conduent

At Conduent we partner with our teams and clients to create exceptional outcomes. Every day we are proud of the work we do and partner together to shape a better world of positive outcomes and experiences for our clients and their end users. We are #ProudToBeConduent.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values guide how we think, act and make decisions.


Our clients are the heart of our business. They are at the forefront of everything we do. We put them first, exceed their expectations always. We do our best to make things simple - both in the solutions we design and the way we do business. We are respectful and always look at things from our clients' point of view.

Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to the highest standards of excellence across all aspects of our business. We look for opportunities to exceed expectations and strive with determination to win and be the best at what we do. We value outstanding results – they’re a source of pride, recognition and reward in support of the high performance culture we are creating.


We have uncompromising ethics. We are a trusted partner in all relationships because we “do what we say” and “say what we do”.

Speed and Agility

We are obsessed with execution. We move fast. We self-initiate actions that improve our business and the world around us. We approach decisions with data and discipline, execute with urgency and then hold ourselves accountable for our results.

Open and Inclusive

We believe good ideas can come from anywhere and diverse perspectives contribute to longer-standing decisions and outcomes. Combined with a safe and inclusive environment and opportunities to grow, we always strive to make Conduent a great place to work.

Leadership and Teamwork

We believe creating exceptional outcomes takes leadership and teamwork. When executed well, through teamwork and collaboration, ordinary individuals can achieve extraordinary results. We operate as one company and one team where every team member is guided by our five distinct principles of leadership and teamwork, respects and supports each other, takes collective accountability and ownership, and pushes each other to excel.

Leadership and Teamwork Principals

These are the behaviors we exhibit to achieve our mission and brand narrative.


Be Honest

Build Trust

Assess and Mitigate Risk

Debrief Yourself First

Diversity and Inclusion

We embrace and welcome individual differences and these differences are what make Conduent an industry leader and special place to work. We rely on the diverse backgrounds, experiences and expertise of our employees to ensure that the Conduent of tomorrow is better than the Conduent of today. Each employee has an inherent responsibility to ensure our business treats all people – colleagues, clients and their customers – with dignity and respect. Across our business groups, we have multicultural teams, bringing diverse perspectives to problem-solving – driving creativity, innovation, and improved decision-making.


As a company we are committed to:

  • Delivering a comfortable and accepting work environment
  • Sourcing top diverse talent
  • Developing our employees
  • Working with certified diverse suppliers
  • Supporting and creating opportunity in the communities that we serve

These focus areas form our Diversity and Inclusion framework and will inform the actions we take to build a culture of high-performance and growth.


Exemplifying the Power of Diversity

Cultivating a culture of diversity and inclusion comes with tangible, measurable benefits to our business – we know this. It also comes with challenges, particularly as we reshape our culture and shift from traditional thinking. The key to really moving the needle requires each of us to approach the tasks we do every day in a more thoughtful and deliberate manner, viewing everything through a diversity lens. As a company, we are confident that we are on the right path and are taking the actions necessary to position Conduent as an organization that exemplifies the power of diversity.

Employee Impact Groups

We are looking for motivated individuals to help form and support our Employee Impact Groups

  • African Heritage
  • Asian Heritage
  • Military Veteran
  • Those with Disabilities
  • Generations
  • Women

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